About Oatler

Oatler is a nutrient-complete food. It helps you get all the essential nutrients your body needs without the hassle.

The major ingredients of Oatler are oat, soy protein isolate and 100% Korean grain powder. You can find all ingredients and nutrition information here.

Oatler is made in South Korea. Most ingredients are sourced both domestically in Korea and globally to ensure great quality.

Oatler is not designed for weight loss, but it definitely helps. With Oatler, you know the exact amount of calories being consumed, making it easy to track your caloric intake to achieve your body goals faster.

Oatler has a delicious oaty flavour and a creamy texture, which does a great job in filling your stomach and curbing your appetite.

Oatler contains soy, gluten and nuts (almonds & peanuts).

No, the multivitamin used in Oatler contains non-vegan ingredients.

No, we do not have an organic version of Oatler for a couple of reasons. At this juncture, our emphasis is on improving and enhancing the ingredients and taste of Oatler to make sure it is nutritionally complete and delicious. However, we will consider launching organic Oatler should and when we receive sufficient demand.

We build this brand with Halal certification in mind, and we are in the midst of applying for halal certification from Korea Muslim Federation (KMF), a foreign halal certification body that is recognized by JAKIM Malaysia.

We don’t have any offline presence at the moment, but feel free to send in your enquiry here if you’d like to carry Oatler in your store.

Oatler has a shelf life of 2 years from manufacturing date. Please refer to the manufacturing date at the back of each individual pouch.


While not intended to replace every meal, Oatler can replace any meal. You can treat Oatler as a food void and use it any time you have no access to a good, quality meal. Oatler is not here to replace the meals you love, but rather to save you from soggy cold sandwich or unhealthy fast food. Although they are also convenient options like Oatler, they often can’t fuel you with the nutrients your body needs.

Most people find success in replacing a few meals with Oatler a week — often starting with breakfast (it only takes one 5 seconds to prepare!), or keeping a few pouches of Oatler on hand for when life gets busy.

In terms of implementing a dietary change, as our body may need time to adjust to ”new” kind of food, we recommend you to begin the usage of Oatler with one meal a day for the first few days, and observe how your body reacts. Then, you may gradually increase Oatler intake over the course of your “trial weeks” until it shows general positive results.

Simple! All you have to do is add water/any milk, shake, and it is ready to be served. It really doesn’t get any easier than that.

The duration of satiation differs from person to person, depending on one’s build and activeness. 1 serving of Oatler will typically keep you full for about 3 to 5 hours.

Yes. Many people have a false perception where once they begin consuming a healthy product (Oatler), they have to eat it every day. However, this is a MYTH. You can replace your breakfast, lunch, dinner, or all three with Oatler if you like; it is totally up to you.

We too enjoy cooking and eating with friends and family, and we wouldn’t dream of taking this away from you (or ourselves for that matter). So, pick whatever works best for you!

Yes, Oatler can improve digestion as it contains beta glucans that helps your body absorb carbohydrates at a slower pace and feed the good bacteria in your gut. You may have to visit the bathroom more often during the first week or so while your body gets used to the new diet. However once that’s over, it will be a rewarding healthy diet journey looking back! 😊

As amazing as our bodies are, they sometimes need time to adjust to new changes — even good ones. It is normal to experience gas and bloating. This is mostly an effect of you eating enough/more fibres, which before this, you did not. 

While no ingredient in Oatler is dangerous to pregnant or nursing mothers, Oatler is formulated based on the nutritional needs of an average adult. We recommend speaking to your doctor to determine if Oatler is right for you, as pregnant or nursing mothers may have different nutritional needs than the average adult.

While no ingredient in Oatler is dangerous to children, Oatler is formulated based on the nutritional needs of an average adult.  We recommend speaking to your doctor to determine if Oatler is right for your children as children have different nutrition needs based on their age.

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Ingredients: Erythritol, Oat Powder (made in Canada), Isolated Soybean Protein (made in Singapore), Acacia Fibre (made in France), 17 Multi-Grain Powder Mix (Rice Barley, Barley, Brown Rice, Non-glutinous Rice, White Beans, Brown Glutinous Rice, Spinach Powder, Apple Powder, Peanut Powder, Black Rice, Sesame Powder, Sweet Potato Powder, Mugwort Powder, Perilla Powder, Cabbage Powder, Carrot Powder, Sweet Pumpkin Powder), Barley Powder, Roasted Brown Rice, Crispy Oatmeal, Roasted Black Bean Powder, Yogurt Powder, Whole Grain GABA Brown Rice, Guar Gum, Multivitamin Mineral Mix Plus (Dibasic Calcium Phosphate, Vitamin C, Vitamin E Complex, Nicotinamide, Ferrous Fumarate, Vitamin A Complex, Calcium Pantothenate, Zinc Oxide, Vitamin B₆ Hydrochloride, Vitamin B₁ Hydrochloride, Vitamin B₂, Folate), Psyllium Husk Powder, Almond Powder, 5 Lactobacillus Mix, Enzymatically Modified Stevia. Contains: Soy, Gluten, Nuts (Almond & Peanut).



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